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How We Became Brooklyn’s Best Butcher

Brooklyn, once the immigrant portal to the promise of a better life, has transformed into the center for trendsetting innovation as well as the mecca for influencers of taste and style. In the wake of a renovation boom, a bevy of chic new restaurants, galleries, theaters and other hot spots have appeared threatening to overshadow Manhattan’s monopoly on hipness and elegance firmly in place for several decades.

Romeo Meats exterior

“The ‘new’ Brooklyn has embraced us with the same enthusiasm as the Brooklyn of our youth. Now a woman-owned business, we have a rich history and a very promising future, so we feel incredibly fortunate. As always, we’re not thinking of quick profits, we want to expand our influence throughout the Northeast and, eventually, the entire US. The way to do that is to deliver nothing but the finest quality at an affordable price.”

Quality Meats Since 1955

Rooted in Brooklyn since 1955, Romeo Meats has grown and evolved with the borough by adhering to uncompromising quality standards. With a client list including 800 of the city’s finest restaurants and retailers, Romeo has earned a place of prominence in Brooklyn and beyond.

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